How far can Lions smell

The lion has been referred to as the king of the jungle and it has been coaxed with the role of ruling. The fact is that, the lion has a great sense. Generally, away from the sense of smelling, lion has excellent sense of sight that assist in seeing large prey, even at night, with assistance of hearing and scent detection senses. Actually, tactile capacity has remained to be communication pattern with other lions (Ogutu, et al 2011).
A well developed sense of smelling tends to help the lion in various ways. Perhaps, it is common among cats to make sneering face after smelling something that is quite interesting. This is what is referred to as Flehman. Lion as well tends to grimace after a certain scent pass over their Jacobson organ (special organ locate at the roof of the lion mouth). At certain instance, this assists the lion in determining the reproductive status, finding preys and locating kills that would be made by other predators (Ogutu, et al 2011).
Generally, lions do possess capacity of sniffing nearby predators and prey as well as making estimation of the time the prey or predator was around. In addition, they possess acute sense of hearing that do allow the animal to hear the prey for up to a mile away. As well, lion have excellent sense of vision that is almost five times great when compared to that of a human (Ogutu, et al 2011).

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