Kiunga Marine National Reserve

Set along Kenya’s spectacular Indian Ocean coast is the Kiunga Marine National Reserve. A pristine string of rugged coral isles, ringed by rainbow rural reefs. This pristine ecosystem incorporates a chain of about 50 calcareous offshore islands and coral reefs in the Lamu Archipelago.

The Park is composed of old, eroded coral, the islands predominantly lie inland around 2 km seaward and inshore of the bordering reef. They vary in size from a few hundred sq m to 100ha or more. Their walls rise sheer from the surrounding seabed and are usually deeply undercut on the landward side. The small outer islands provide nest sites for migratory seabirds. The reserve conserves valuable coral reefs, sea grass meadows and extensive mangrove forests, with their attendant biodiversity and is also a refuge for sea turtles and dugongs.

Visitors can view the teeming sea life in the coral reefs, sea grass and extensive mangrove forests. The reserve provides ideal opportunities for wind surfing, diving and snorkelling, water skiing and sunbathing.

Other attractions are a visit to the Swahili villages around Kiwayu Island, on a cultural tour of the rich customs and heritage of people at the coast. Kiwayu Island is the only inhabited region of Kiunga National Marine Reserve.

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