The Forest

Looking for something a little more exhilarating this weekend? There’s loads to get your pulse racing at the forest.

From a thrilling paintball experience to being catapulted by the world class zip lines in a human slingshot, the forest is designed to give you an adrenalin rush. So, get off your hammock and have a go – if you think you’re brave enough.

Situated in the heart of the Aberdare Ranges, in Kereita Forest, the forest provides an array of activities that will cater to your spirit of adventure, only a short distance from the city.


Paintballing at the forest

Shoot and splutter to come out on top. Pick a team, get kitted out and start dodging exploding paint balls in one of the most exhilarating activities. The Forest Paintball is a terrific team activity in a fun and safe environment. It also teaches valuable principles such as delegation, communication, motivation, strategy and trust; all perfect for team building exercises.

Every member of your team counts and participation is a must……Shoot or be spluttered in sticky paint. The atmosphere provided by the forest which ranges from thick woodland areas, to large open areas, to vantage points, which gives you the chance to get into the situations that will get excitement rushing through you as you scramble to win.

Mountain biking

mountain biking at the forest

A ride through the Forest’s enchanting routes will take you through the diverse landscapes of open grasslands and winding tracks through hills and streams. The Forest also has some top-notch purpose-built trails and for the willing, demanding circuits which offer sweeping corners and exciting jumps.

Whether you are looking for adrenaline pumping trails or a more subdued family ride out in the picturesque countryside, you are sure to find a biking adventure to cater to your desire.


Whether you are looking for a competitive sport to compete in or just a fun day out this ancient pastime is an enduring favorite at the Forest.

Foot Golf

It is an interesting game, to say the least, Players kick the ball to score in a hole. Just like the way you would play golf only this time you will be using your foot and not a Golf Stick to kick the “Golf” (Ball) into a hole. No Soccer or Golf Skills needed, go play the game and have fun in the forest with your friends.


What could be more thrilling than camping in the forest as you connect with nature in the most natural way possible.

Fly fishing

The Forest offers a fantastic location for you to try your hand at fly-fishing. The Gatemayo River is well stocked with the beautiful rainbow trout, a popular game fish for fly fishers. The river is surrounded with pools and rapids that provide a tranquil to fish in peace and quiet.

Horse Riding

Ride a Horse at the lush green grass in and out of the forest in a different but incredibly thrilling way.

Zip Lining

Revel in a hair-raising aerial expedition that is guaranteed to get your heart racing. Glide like a bird over the stunning forest with breathtaking views on East Africa’s longest zipline. The world-class zip-lines installed and managed by Flying Fox, have a carrying capacity of a maximum of 115 kilograms and are operated under European Union safety regulations. The zipline is the main event and it is more than 2 Kilometers long, the longest zipline in East and Central Africa.

The Forest has character and marvel in plenitude, and everything can be assimilated at the eatery and parlor at the adventure center. The view delights as far as the eye can see into the Aberdare Ranges and on a reasonable radiant day, Mount Kenya is magnificently apparent. Regardless of whether you want to test the mouthwatering barbecue to dining in an elegant space, the forest has everything to enchant your taste buds.