Wildebeests belong to family Bovidae.Wildebeests can grow to 2.4meters(8 feet)in length and weigh upto 270 kilograms (600 pounds).They typically inhabit Serengeti plains where they graze in grassy savannas and open woodlands of the plains which straddles the nations of Tanzania and Kenya.
In mara region April to July is a transitional period between rains and dry season whereby wildebeests start moving north towards maasai mara for greener pastures.Around 1.5 million wildebeests are known to migrate annually between Serengeti national park in tanzania and maasai mara reserve in Kenya. This process attracts lots of predators such as lions,hyenas,vultures,cheetahs and crocodiles.the lions and hyenas hide in the grassy mara plains as they wait to attack the wildebeests.the crocodiles takes advantage of the wildebeests as they cross mara river.River mara is deep and fast flowing with steep banks on either sides.The weaker animals are swept away by strong river currents while on the other hand the crocodile kills them by drowning.it spots a potential victim,grasps it in its strong jaws and pulls it beneath the water surface,twists it and turns its head,shreds it into pieces and suffocates the life out of it.some wildebeests also dies out exhaustion,thirst and sickness.
In November the short rains begins and the wildebeests begin the journey back to Serengeti.about 250,000 wildebeests die during this journey to and fro.Between January and march around 500,000 wildebeests are born each year in Serengeti.