This is an antelope that is characterized by a striking reddish – brown coat, black and white markings, white yellow stripes and long slightly spiraled horns. Bongo is a herbivorous animal and well known to be nocturnal though occasionally it becomes diurnal ungulate. Both males and females have horns. It is the 3rd largest forest antelope. It has a long prehensile tongue that it uses to grasp grasses and leaves. In Kenya it can be mostly seen in Mt Kenya national park. They have large ears used for sharp hearing. Their distinctive coloration helps them identify one another in their dark forest habitat. Theit lips are white topped with a black muzzle.

Zebras are single hoofed animals that have white coat with black stripes on their body. Each zebra has a different pattern of stripes. The stripes helps in camouflage of the animal in long grasses as well as distract the predators. There are three species of zebras;
1. grevy zebra they have thin stripes
2. plain zebra have brownish shadow stripes between black stripes
3. mountain zebra have vertical stripes on the neck and torso, and horizontal stripes on its haunches.
Zebras are fast moving animals that move in large herds for protection from the predators. They are herbivorous animals that feed on grass, shrubs, twigs and leaves. They sleep while standing.

• Dolphin sizes vary from 4-30 fits while whale size vary from 11-115 fit
• The teeth of a dolphin are conical while those of a whale have baleen
• Dolphins are very friendly especially to human unless attacked while whales are not that friendly to human
• The gestation period of a dolphin is 11-17 months while that of a dolphin is 10-13 months
• Dolphins can live in both salty and fresh waters while whales only live in fresh water
Dolphins and whales are both mammals that breath by use of lungs and can be easily be identified by their dorsal fin shapes.they have fins that help them in propelling through the water
They both give birth to young ones that they nurse for some time.they can both remain motionless in water and then come back to the surface for air.they both hunt for food.they also have a certain way of communicating by producing sounds that they all understand

The five largest animals in africa are;
1. Lion which is the largest cat
2. Elephant known to be the largest land mammal
3. Buffalo known to be quite rough and aggressive
4. Rhino a highly poached animal
5. Leopard it’s the smallest of the big five.


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