Which is the most dangerous Mammal in Africa? – The Hippopotamus

The hippo is known to be the most dangerous mammal in Africa. It is extremely aggressive. The hippos territory is along the banks of rivers and lakes which is usually guarded by the male hippo. The female hippo get provoked by anyone who tries to get close to its babies that stay in water as she feeds on the shore. They spend the day submerged in the river mud and come ot during sunset to graze on grass.
Facts about the hippo;
• They kill crocodiles
• Consume over 100pounds of vegetation per day
• They don’t jump
• They secrete a natural sunscreen that is colored red and later turns brown.
• Can run at a speed of over 20 miles an hour
• Their jaws host canines of about 20 inch
• Kill humans by biting, drowning and trampling on it

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