Wasini Island

Wasini Island lies in southeast Kenya 3 kilometres off the coast of the Indian Ocean, 75 kilometres south of Mombasa, and 3 kilometres opposite the harbour of Shimoni village. It is a low-lying island less than 20m at its highest point (Ras Zinza Mkono). The southern shore of Wasini Island forms the northern extent of Kisite Mpunguti Marine National Park.  The name ‘Wasini Mpunguti’ came from the early inhabitants who originally were the Chinese they were short Chinese, hence the name Wasini Mpunguti which to the locals, means short Chinese. The island has only footpaths of sharp old coral or sand. There are no cars, carts or bicycles.

There is no more romantic way to experience Wasini than from the deck of a traditional dhow. These wooden sailing vessels have been used along this stretch of coastline for centuries, and they are still entrenched in the Swahili culture today. Sailing towards the Magical Sunset enjoying the silence and beauty of the Ocean. Occasionally you will see the dolphins along the route or even on rare occasion the whale sharks during the seasons. Dolphins of Wasini are part of marine mammals that live in shallow tropical waters all over the world. There are nearly 40 recorded species of dolphins with the higher percentage living in warm temperate oceans and about 5 species living in rivers. Dolphins of Wasini and the entire Kisite Marine National Reserve, roam freely in their natural habitat. It is an amazing thing to behold these wonderful creatures as they swim in the turquoise-blue waters of the Indian Ocean. As you sail away from the shores, relax on the spacious and comfortable deck which is cushioned with big pillows and beautifully decorated. Enjoy a glass of wine or fresh coconut and ‘dawa’ cocktails on board.

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