Utamaduni Crafts Centre

Utamaduni is a Swahili word which means cultural heritage. Created by British Anthropologist, Richard Leakey, Utamaduni is a collection of local artisans who have come together in one place to sell their items. Utamaduni crafts center is a converted Kikuyu house containing about 18 arts and crafts shops. The unique selection of shops has a vast collection of items for sale. The craft center is a treasure trove of African crafts, antiques and art, with friendly staff to assist and help pack or ship if needed. The shops include those selling:

  • antique jewelry
  • Khangas, Kikoys and clothing made from both
  • beaded plates, glasses, coaster, jewelry, wall hanging
  • Kiondos (Kenyan baskets)
  • leather bags & belts
  • Kisii Soapstone
  • African book & map shop
  • local foodstuff
  • wooden bowls and figurines
  • kids clothing, toys and books

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