Thompson’s Falls

Hidden by a thicket of shrubs off Nyahururu – Nyeri road, this is one of the largest waterfalls in Kenya. It was named after European missionary Joseph Thompson back after he came across it in 1883. Thompsons falls helped found Nyahururu town and gave it its Colonial name. The falls stand at 74 meters high on Ewaso Narok river, a tributary of Ewaso Nyiro River, which drains from the Aberdare Mountains. It projects a very scenic waterfall that has become a great attraction to tourists.

Enclosed in riparian vegetation on the slopes of the ranges, the breathtaking falls and the vapor created is a wonder. One can get a full view of the falls by going down the floor of the jungle.

Friendly baboons mingle with visitors. The fancy Maasai traditional models and curio sellers are always on the banks of the river. They are a source of information and keep the visitors’ company.


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