The Ostrich

The ostrich is the fastest ,flightless can sprint at over 70km/hr covering upto 5m in a single stride it has got strong,long and powerful legs which it uses to attack its enemies by kicking is the only bird that has two toes on each is diurnal and active in the morning and evening during the day.unlike other birds the ostrich secrete urine separately from its feaces.the females are light brown in colour whereas the males have bold black and white colouring that they use to attract the females. To get the females attention,the male bows and flaps their wings outward to display their plumage. When the males areready to mate their beak and shins turn bright red, at times the neck changes to a red colour too. The females colour change to a silvery colour on the wings.
The egg of an ostrich is the largest of all birds. The male and female sits on the eggs. The male during the night and the female during the day. They also share the responsibility of taking care of their young ones. They are omnivorous meaning they feed on both vegetation and meat. They can survive without water for several days relying on moisture from the plants it eat. They have no teeth and so they swallow pebbles that help in digestion.

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