The Kori Bustard -The largest flying bird.

The kori bustard is the largest flying is omnivorous.the male can be twice as heavy as the is mostly grey and brown,finely patterned with black and white colouring.the upper parts and neck are vermiculated,black and grayish-buff colour.the crest on its head is blackish in coloration,with less black on females crest.there’s a white eye stripe above the eyes.the chin,throat and neck are whitish with thin,fine black barring.the belly is white and tail has broad bands of brownish gray and white coloration.the eye is pale yellow while bill is light greenish,horn colored,relatively long,straight and flattened at the base.the legs are yellowish and the feet have 3 forward facing toes.
It spends most of its time on the ground. Being a large and heavy bird,it avoids flying if possible but when alarmed,it will take off to the air with the run on much effort .when they land,they keep their wings spread and only fold them when it has slowed down to walking speed. They practice sun bathing and dust bathing
They feed in the morning and in the evening and spend the rest of the day standing still in any available shade. It has a loud booming mating call which is often uttered just before dawn and can be heard from far away.

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