The Dolphin and the Whale.

• Dolphin sizes vary from 4-30 fits while whale size vary from 11-115 fit
• The teeth of a dolphin are conical while those of a whale have baleen
• Dolphins are very friendly especially to human unless attacked while whales are not that friendly to human
• The gestation period of a dolphin is 11-17 months while that of a dolphin is 10-13 months
• Dolphins can live in both salty and fresh waters while whales only live in fresh water
Dolphins and whales are both mammals that breath by use of lungs and can be easily be identified by their dorsal fin shapes.they have fins that help them in propelling through the water
They both give birth to young ones that they nurse for some time.they can both remain motionless in water and then come back to the surface for air.they both hunt for food.they also have a certain way of communicating by producing sounds that they all understand