Ten best Tour Locations in Kenya.


Maasai Mara is regarded as one of the finest game reserves in the world. The reserve is popular for the Big Cats and the Great wildebeest migration. The game reserve offers spectacular predator sightings involving the lions, cheetahs, leopards. The best time to visit Mara reserve for wildebeest migration is from July to October. For the Big cats, its from December to February.  One is also able to see the local community wearing colorful clothing and adorned in locally made jewelry.

Amboseli National Reserve is considered one of the most famous reserves in Kenya. Tourists flock to Amboseli to see herds of buffalo, elephants, the Big Cats, waterbuck, impala, giraffe, gazelle, rhino, eland, and hyenas, numerous bird species. The reserve also has varied habits work exploring including wetlands, woodlands, savannah, Lake Amboseli

The TSavo National Park is the largest park in Kenya comprising of waterfalls, volcanic hills, rivers lava-rock plateau, excellent diversity of wildlife and savannah. The Galana River meanders through the Tsavo Park giving nice game viewing. It also compensates for the Park’s arid plains. Amazing scenery to watch out also include chaimu Crater, Ngulia Rhino Sanctuary and the natural Mzima Springs

Lake Nakuru National Park is famous for flocks of flamingos thronging the lake. It is also rich in other wildlife like lions, warthogs, pythons, white rhinos, leopards and waterbucks. The landscapes encompasses sweeping grasslands, woodland and rocky cliffs.

Nairobi City is also the capital city of Kenya and is famous for its excellent colonial history. Nairobi is endowed with splendid wildlife-related attractions and historical sites. The Nairobi National Park and the Nairobi National Museum, Karen Blixen Museum and the Giraffe Center are the best site worth visiting while in Nairobi.

Malindi offers a very excellent introduction to the Kenyan coastal tourist attraction sites, with its beautiful beaches and coral reefs. The Malindi National Park has colorful fish, fine beaches and clear water. The visit to Kenya will not be complete without visiting Mombasa, Lake Naivasha, Mount Kenya National Park and Lamu.


You  are   in  the  paradise   of   a   country  while  in  Kenya   as  the  many  amazing  parks   will  give  you  so much  memories  to  carry  with  you.