Tarangire National Park-Tanzania.

Often described as Tanzania’s most underrated National Park, Tangarire is one of Africa’s little – known gems. Boasting a variety of wildlife as diverse as its landscape, it also boasts to being home to Tanzania’s largest population of African Elephants. Named for the Tangarire River which flows through it, the park is an excellent choice during the dry season when animals are forced to move closer and closer to the river in search of water. Set against a backdrop of majestic baobab trees and twisted acacia, it makes a beautiful experience.

With the exception of the critically endangered black rhinos, Tangarire is home to all of Tanzania’s most iconic animals- from the dimunitive dik- dik to the towering African elephants and giraffes that attract visitors from all over the world. In addition to these popular animals, the park is home to three endangered animals that can be found nowhere else in the country; the fringe – eared oryx with its graceful horns, the towering greater kudu, and the tiny Ashy Starling.

Tangarire is a popular destination for birds with over 550 species – the highest number on all of Tanzania. The parks woodlands are home to hoopoes, hornbills, brown parrots and the white – bellied go away birds as well as game birds such as the helmeted guinea fowl, yellow necked spurfow and the crested francolin.

Activities include:  Game viewing, sightseeing and Bird watching.

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