Shaba National Reserve.

Shaba National Reserve

Shaba National Reserve is a little-visited wilderness and therefore the perfect destination for anyone looking to enjoy a remote safari holiday. Contrasting landscapes, unusual wildlife and the Ewaso Nyiro River characterize this rugged region that is home to the Samburu, Borana and Turkana people.

Shaba National Reserve is found in Isiolo District which lies at the northern foot of Mt Kenya rising above the expansive range lands of northern Kenya. The arid and semi-arid zones district sits as a divide between the populous agricultural highlands of the Mt. Kenya region and acts as a gateway into the vast lowlands of North Kenya inhabited by various nomadic pastoralist communities where wildlife and livestock freely co-exist.

Surrounding Shaba in the distance are hills and mountain ranges with interesting local names: Lion Hill looks like the silhouette of a sleeping male lion. The semi-desert areas give way to an oasis of vegetation, lush grass and pools of water fed by underground springs that flow year-round from the neighboring mountains.

Besides normal species found elsewhere in Kenya, the area is a natural home to the five rare species known as the five northern species which are endemic to this area. They are Grevy’s zebra, reticulated giraffe, Beisa Oryx, Somali ostrich and the gerenuk. Shaba is also the home for the highly endangered Williamson’s lark. All these rare species can only be found inside this game reserve.

Activities include:Β Game viewing safari, nature walks, entertainment by pastoralist cultural dancers, and visits to cultural villages to get the experience of nomadic lifestyle in the community.