Rusinga Island





Rusinga Islnad

Rusinga island is found south-west of Kenya in Lake Victoria and is located in Homabay county. The island is linked to the main land by a causeway which invites you to the beautiful island with a view of the lake. The island is home to the Abasuba community also known as Suba.

Rusinga island is known for the discovery of the first fossils of the proconsul, an early ape and they were found by the explores Mary and Louis Leakey.

Rusinga island has different attractions which one wouldn’t want to miss out. This island gives a perfect mid-safari break and gets you to enjoy the coastal feeling for its clean sand beaches, onshore winds, get to swim against the tides, boating activities and enjoy the sunrise and sunset views. Rusinga is a home for wildlife which are found different parks example Ruma national park which is a home for the endangered roan antelope and the blue shallow which are rare intra-african migrant, El-molo crocodile park and the Ndere island national park. Rusinga island is home for 400 bird species.

What’s a visit without learning about the culture of the host community? Historians get to learn about the great Politian Tom Mboya where his grave is in a beautiful mausoleum and William X Schenmans grave who was a best friend to Tom Mboya and believed to be a best friend to Kenya.Β  Learn about the Abasuba festivals that occurs yearly on the Thursday and Friday before Christmas. Get to enjoy the traditional cuisines of the Suba people- delicious tilapia fish and the Nile Pearch fresh from the lake, participate in traditional sports and dance.

Rusinga island has sister inlands which are Mfangano island which is famous for the ancient rock-art and the Takawiri island which is coast away from the coastal region and the bird island which is home to the migrant birds over 300 birds.