Oserengoni Wildlife Sanctuary

Oserengoni Wildlife Sanctuary is located in the central part of the Great Rift Valley, west of the Aberdare ranges and North East of the Mau escarpment. It is on the shores of both Lake Naivasha and Lake Oloidien – the highest lakes along the floor of the rift Valley. It is a private conservancy set on 18,000 acres with a wide range of flora and fauna and two lodges that avail world-class comfort in tranquil surroundings (Chui Lodge and Kiangazi house).

The sanctuary was established in 1995 by Dutchman Hans Zwager, his wife June and their son Peter, aiming to conserve biodiversity, attract visitors and become a centre for sustainable development. The Zwagers had already made their home [the Djinn Palace] at Oserian, on the shores of Lake Naivasha, where they became the largest flower growers in Kenya. In a bid to enrich the genetic pool and broaden species diversity, several animal species were brought into the sanctuary in the late 1990s. They included the White rhino, Topi, Grevy’s zebra, Wildbeeste, Thompson gazelle and Waterbucks. The rhinos were subsequently translocated to other sanctuaries after several poaching incidents.

Oserengoni offers various activities for its visitors, notably game drives or walks in the company of knowledgeable guides that can end with a refreshing sundowner by a bonfire in the wild. Guests roam the conservancy in vehicles or on foot in complete privacy and view the array of wildlife that is difficult to see elsewhere. They can explore the shores of Lake Oloidien with its flock of water fowl, including pelicans, and flamingos. There is also the acacia forest with yellow-barked trees, which leopards frequent as they track their prey. The conservancy is home to over 45 different mammals. There are several species within the eco-system such as the Grevy’s Zebra, the Colobus monkey, leopards, lions, wild hunting dogs and the aardvark.