Ngare Ndare- Nanyuki

Ngare Ndare means goat waters in the Maa language. The forest was recently included as an extension of the Mount Kenya UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is a lush indigenous forest at the foot of Mt. Kenya with an immaculate, meandering silvery stream, flowing in majesty and disappearing under the canopy.

Over the canopy is a skywalk board, perched high up, stretching an illusionary path to the gossamer clouds, gliding gently under azure sky. The walkway ends at a wooden platform where one can have a meal, relax and enjoy a view of Ngare Ndare River from a vantage point.  Buffaloes and Elephants frequent the river to drink and wallow.

Ngare Ndare forest hosts 200 year-old trees, giving a home to a variety of bird and animal species. It is an important ecosystem that connects Mount Kenya and to the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy.

Activities include: swimming and diving in Ngare Ndare River, guided forest walks, birding, wildlife vieing, mountain biking, camping, canopy walks and rock climbing at the falls & at Nugu Rock as well.


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