Nay Palad Bird Nest

Nay Palad Bird Nest

Overlooking the African wilderness, the Nay Palad Bird Nest is a luxurious safari lodge, located in the wilds of Kenya – a raised suite that offers 360-degree views over the surrounding plains of Laikipia.

Built totally above ground, this unique retreat is part of the Segera Retreat, a 60,000-acre wildlife sanctuary in the Laikipia plains in Kenya. Nay Palad Bird Nest is a collaboration between Segera, Nay Palad and the architect Daniel Pouzet. It is two stories, constructed with interwoven natural tree branches and a viewing platform on top so guests can get 360-degree views of elephants and giraffes while they’re taking their morning coffee.

The nest is lit with lanterns and champagne and delicious food set out on the open-air top level of the nest. Inviting beds (either open-air or within the shelter of the first floor) are prepared with soft linens and hot water bottles, ready for the night ahead. From the comfort of the nest, guests will watch a sunset, feast on a picnic-style dinner and fall asleep under the starry sky. To wake up to the sounds of wild animals and a view as far the eye can see makes for a wonderful experience.

Inside the Nay Palad Bird Nest are all the modern amenities you’d want in a luxury hotel. The suite has one bathroom with solar-heated running water. Guests can either choose an indoor double bed on the lower floor or open-air accommodations on the second floor if they want to sleep under the stars. Both beds, of course, are dressed with deluxe linens and warmed with hot water bottles.

The Nay Palad Bird Nest is designed for a romantic night for two. The place is perfect for a couple, but it can be made to accommodate a small family, with children enjoying the adventure of sleeping out in the Nest while the parents cozy up in the bedroom.

The Nay Palad Bird Nest is ideal for a one night stay after a wildlife drive or a bush walk in the plains of Laikipia. In the morning elephants, giraffes and other animals can often be seen drinking at the nearby river from the nest.


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