Most Venomous snakes in Africa

a) Black mamba largest venomous snake in Africa .it produces neuro and cardio toxic mix that leads to vomiting being paralyzed and loss of consciousness
b) Mozambican spitting cobra It spits neurotoxic venom with the eye being its main target leading to blindness
c) Puff adder Has large fangs and releases a cytotoxic venom that attacks the body cells or tissue causing major inflammation or extreme pain
d) Gabon viper Has the largest fangs and highest venom yield. Its bite can cause blistering,convulsion,shock and internal bleeding
e) Egyptian cobra Has glands that produce a deadly neurotoxin through the fangs. Causes effect to nervous system,causing paralysis and respiratory failure
f) boomslang Produces haemotoxic venom that affects the body’s natural blood clotting mechanism resulting in bleeding of internal organs.
g) cape cobra Produces neurotoxic venom that leads to respiratory failure due to paralysis

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