Mamba Village – Nairobi
Crocodiles at Nairobi Mamba Village
Crocodiles at Nairobi Mamba Village

Mamba Village” – Crocodile Farm- is famous for its crocodiles and is home to the giant Nile crocodile. It is located off the Langata – Karen road, 13 km drive from Nairobi in the Karen suburbs.

Nairobi Mamba Village is a nature paradise spreading over 30 acres and is famous for its Crocodile Farm, hosting over an estimated 70 Nile crocodiles. Maasai Ostriches can also be found strutting around and visitors often come into direct personal contact with them when given the opportunity to feed these gallant birds.

This is a replica of natural paradise, spread over 30 acres, complete with 4-star lounge and several restaurants, with seating capacity for more than 500 guests at a time. Besides the main and island restaurants, numerous bandas meant to provide privacy and quiet seclusion can each comfortably seat 10 guests.

The best day to visit the Nairobi crocodile farm is on Sundays. It’s the only day visitors are allowed to see the crocodiles get fed at 4:00 pm. Watching the crocodiles snap their jaws as they grab their chunks of meat is such an amazing and thrilling experience. If you wish you can hire a tour guide to take you around the village or just walk around at your own pace.

On the roof-tops and trees, scavenging birds keenly awaiting the chance to steal their share. If lucky you get the chance to hold a baby crocodile in your arms – it’s the scariest yet most amazing feeling. The crocodile ponds are all separated into different groups; adults, teenagers and small baby crocs – this stops the youngsters from being eaten by the bigger ones.

At the far end of the man-made lake is Ostrich Park where you can view these giant savanna birds at close range and even get selfies. Maasai Ostriches can also be found strutting around their pen with grace. Visitors often come into direct personal contact with them when given the opportunity to feed these gallant birds. The experience is always satisfying and exciting especially for children.

For lovers of indoor experience, the superb decor and hand-crafted furniture in the indoor restaurant is the place for you. The heart of Mamba’s attraction lies in the exquisite meals offered at the restaurant, where the guests can excite their taste buds and toast to exemplary services. Its unique interior and exterior African decor is lovely and the restaurant offers a breathtaking view as you enjoy lunch on the lawn alongside the man-made lake.

The menus feature an array of African, continental, game meat and the popular weekend grills that make dining at the Village a trip down culture and tradition. One of the delicacies on the menu is freshly grilled crocodile.

The restaurant reflects the classic ambience of the Pan Africanism and unscathed legacy at the same time boasting buffet, a ala carte menu like none other with an impressive live cooking concept. The food is cooked on-location in a smoker that ensures quality flavor.

The cosy ambiance of the bar with its captivating set up with an impressive display centerpiece invites one to relax with a glass of sparkles or robust wine while watching sports on the big screen.

Mamba Village can also cater for other special gatherings and occasions such as weddings and birthdays. Within the expansive grounds is the Mokoyeti resort featuring a unique and tastefully laid out conference and meeting venue that allows for a diverse option in conferencing to fit individual requirements and budgets.

If you enjoy water activities, you can take boat rides or rent paddle boats and enjoy mucking about on the lake. Other exciting activities at Mamba Village include camel and horse riding plus a children’s playground with a bouncing castle. Alternatively, just relax lake side in the Leisure Park gardens.