Maasai Ostrich Farm

The Maasai Ostrich Farm, which is East Africa’s largest commercial hub for ostrich farming, was established in 1991. Named after the semi-nomadic ethnic group living in the area: The Maasai. It is located about 45 kilometers from Nairobi on Athi River/ Kitengela plains and is set in 250 acres of rolling grasslands.

The Ostrich is one of the largest living species of bird in the world. As birds go, few are quite as intriguing as the ostrich. Its sheer size makes it an anomaly as we expect a bird to be small, not to tower over us by over a metre. Its diminutive head sitting comically atop a long, bare worm-like neck. Then there is the fact that it has wings but cannot fly. The superfluous wings do come in handy when it needs to make a quick turn to side-step a lion, or to slow down after outrunning it. As for its running speed, the ostrich has been known to reach an incredible 72 kilometres per hour on two toes making it the fastest two-legged animal in the world. Male ostriches also known as cocks, are identified by their rigorous display dances swinging their passionate pink necks sideways.

The farm ships feathers, meat, skins, and live ostrich throughout Kenya and abroad. Around 1000 birds of two breeds are maintained: the blue-neck or Somali ostrich and the Maasai ostrich, which has a pink neck and legs. Ostrich meat is rich in valuable vitamins, minerals and proteins, extremely low in fats. The farm provides customers the rare opportunity of acquiring ostrich meat at an affordable price. Ostrich skin makes the most beautiful leather rich in unique quill patterns and striations. The farm is a producer of such natural beauty in the leather industry. In addition to the skin, leather articles are also available in the curio shop at an affordable price. Ostrich feather is used as a court symbol of justice in Egypt due to the uniform arrangement of barbs.

The farm also offers one of the most unique rides in East Africa. Visitors get the chance to have a secure ride on trained ostriches under the guidance of experienced instructors. It is beyond imagination to have a selfie photo on an ostrich, the Maasai Ostrich farm enables you to make it a reality.  On a farm visit, one has the privilege to behold the world’s largest ostrich egg, see the downy and active ostrich chicks within the brooding facilities and crown it with the heard of adult breeder stock. Also enjoy watching the dancing males with booming resonating sounds in a typical savannah grassland

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