Loita Migration

To the Northeast of the Masai Mara National Reserve are the little-known and beautiful Loita Hills. An area of Masai land in Kenya near the Masai Mara and next to the indigenous Naimina Enkikio Forest. This is the most traditional corner of Maasai land. Despite the number of Maasai living here, it’s also an area of unexpected wildlife – colobus monkeys swing through the trees, turacos light the skies with colour and huge numbers of buffaloes, forest pigs and bushbucks move through the shadows.

Lesser known to many is the Loita Migration of up to 200,000 wildebeest and zebra on an annual journey from Loita Hills, to the northeast of the Masai Mara – into the Masai Mara itself and its neighboring conservancies. Originating in the Loita Plains to the North East of Naboisho, an event that brings what many estimates to be well over 200,000 wildebeest into the Mara from their dry homeland. They graze in Naboisho and the surrounding areas until the next big rains hit the Loita Plains, often keeping them here until March.  Although the Loita migration would not cross the Mara River to go south into the Serengeti, it still provides an incredible migration experience at an incredible time of the year, wonderful interaction and you can enjoy private conservancies that offer walking, night drives and off-road driving – this all makes visiting the Masai Mara for the Loita migration worthwhile

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