Lilac Brested Roller.

The lilac breasted roller is a heavy billed,beautifully colouredbird with a green head,lilac throats and breast,blue belly and brighter blue wing strays away from treeless areas since it loves open woodland and savanna areas.its mostly seen alone or in pairs on top of trees,poles or high vantage points where its in a position to see its food it feeds on snails,insects,lizards and rodents.
it makes its nests on tree holes or termite mounds where a clutch of 2-4 eggs are laid and both male and female take part in incubating and providing security to the eggs.they are severely aggressive in defense of nests from raptors and other birds.
During mating,the male rises to greater heights,plunging in darts and dives,making some completely keeps off human influenced areas.

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