Lake Elementaita

Elementeita is a small soda lake, nestled in the eastern sweep of the Great Rift Valley. The Lake is surrounded by a spectacular country that played an important role in the early colonial history of Kenya.

Today Elementeita is a peaceful and low-key place, lying in the shadow of an impressively peaked hill known locally known as the ‘Sleeping Maasai’.

The park is a gem offering the visitor the chance to explore the wildlife and the hills. On the southern shores of the lake are two hills that are great for hiking and trekking. The Sleeping Warrior or ‘Delamere’s Nose’ on the southwestern shores of the lake is a volcanic hill with a crater suitable for hiking.

The lake attracts many visiting flamingoes, and its shores are grazed by zebra, gazelle, eland, and families of warthog. The lake and its surrounding forests are perfect for long walks and birding. If you don’t care much for hiking and would rather watch birds, then the white pelicans and the flamingoes will definitely keep you happy.

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