Kizingoni Beach

Far into the distance, on the southernmost tip of Lamu archipelago lies Kizingoni Beach, with a cluster of eight artistically designed holiday houses that offer the perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life. Set on 24 acres of pristine beachfront, the houses named – Kaskazi, Pepo, Kuni Jogoo, Wazi Dubu, Kusini, Jahazi, the Cabanas and Kizingoni – are perfectly positioned for guests to take full advantage of the gorgeous sunsets that are the hallmarks of Kenya’s coastline.

Kizingoni Beach offers seclusion, cooling winds, fresh water and clean seas, yet the delights and supplies of Lamu and Shela are a twenty-minute boat ride away. The property is covered with established coconuts and doum palms with some indigenous woodland. There are hundreds more coconuts, indigenous trees and tropical shrubs, plus an experimental orchard and covered vegetable garden. There is clean water from shallow wells and plenty of wind and sun to run the windmills and solar panels that provide power and hot water.

The beach starts with Kizingoni beach houses and curves around the tip of the island stretching further 12 golden miles to Shela Village. It is virtually empty, apart from myriad crabs, migrant and local sea birds, shells and the occasional donkey troop. The local village of Kipungani is a friendly and unspoilt fishing hamlet. It is also the main supply of staff, fish, dhows and donkeys.

There is plenty to do at Kizingoni Beach, for those looking for an active holiday the swimming, snorkeling and walking is excellent. Various water sports equipment is available including: water skis, wake boards, kayaks, and SUP boards. Creek fishing and deep-sea fishing can be arranged, plus there is an opportunity for a small safari on the mainland.