How do Zebras and wildebeests relate during Serengeti-Maasai Mara Migration?

The zebras and wildebeests are two good friends’ animals that move together while grazing and even while migrating annually from Serengeti to masaai mara and vice versa. While on a visit at maasai mara or Serengeti national reserve you are always assured of seeing both animals grazing together. The reasons as to why they move together are as follows:
 Both animals are grazers but the difference comes in whereby zebras feed on the taller grass while wildebeests feed on the shorter grass and therefore there’s no competition while grazing.
 They both warn each other of an impending danger because the wildebeest has a good sense of hearing while the zebra can see very well due to their good sight.
 Both animals love grazing in open savannahs and therefore teaming up lessen their chances of being attacked by the predators
 Wildebeests have heightened sense of smell enabling them to detect water even when savannah seems dry hence leading zebras to fresh grazing areas as well as water sources.
 Zebras have sharp memories such that they can remember in details their last years migration routes as well as areas of danger and safety. River mara and river grumeti are the main challenge that they face as they cross due to the crocodiles and therefore the zebras try by all means to lead wildebeest in the safest route that they had used previously.
 Both animals migrate in search of food making them move together with the same interest.

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