Differentiating a cheetah and a Leopard

i. A cheetah has black spots that are clear,single and separated from other spots on the body while a leopard has smaller irregular shaped spots that group together in circles and are known as rosettes.
ii. A cheetah has a black tearmark that runs from inside the eye to the mouth whereas the leopard has no tearmark.
iii. The cheetah hunts during the day hence known to be diurnal while the leopard hunts during the night hence known to be nocturnal.
iv. The cheetah feeds its prey on the grassy plains while the leopard drags its food up the tree
v. The cheetah rely on its speed over short distances while the leopard rely on stealth
vi. The cheetah lives a social life while the leopard lives a solitary life
vii. Cheetahs don’t climb trees while leopards have retractile claws that enables them to climb trees

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