The kori bustard is the largest flying is omnivorous.the male can be twice as heavy as the is mostly grey and brown,finely patterned with black and white colouring.the upper parts and neck are vermiculated,black and grayish-buff colour.the crest on its head is blackish in coloration,with less black on females crest.there’s a white eye stripe above the eyes.the chin,throat and neck are whitish with thin,fine black barring.the belly is white and tail has broad bands of brownish gray and white coloration.the eye is pale yellow while bill is light greenish,horn colored,relatively long,straight and flattened at the base.the legs are yellowish and the feet have 3 forward facing toes.
It spends most of its time on the ground. Being a large and heavy bird,it avoids flying if possible but when alarmed,it will take off to the air with the run on much effort .when they land,they keep their wings spread and only fold them when it has slowed down to walking speed. They practice sun bathing and dust bathing
They feed in the morning and in the evening and spend the rest of the day standing still in any available shade. It has a loud booming mating call which is often uttered just before dawn and can be heard from far away.

This is the smallest bird in the is a swift,strong flier.the female lays only two eggs at a time which are a size of a coffee has a slender,pointed bill which is suitable for probing deep into mainly feed on nectar and occasionally on insects and spider by moving its mouth rapidly in and out of its mouth..
In the process of feeding,the bird picks up pollen on its bill and head and transfer the pollen as it moves from flower to flower helping in plant reproduction.

The lilac breasted roller is a heavy billed,beautifully colouredbird with a green head,lilac throats and breast,blue belly and brighter blue wing strays away from treeless areas since it loves open woodland and savanna areas.its mostly seen alone or in pairs on top of trees,poles or high vantage points where its in a position to see its food it feeds on snails,insects,lizards and rodents.
it makes its nests on tree holes or termite mounds where a clutch of 2-4 eggs are laid and both male and female take part in incubating and providing security to the eggs.they are severely aggressive in defense of nests from raptors and other birds.
During mating,the male rises to greater heights,plunging in darts and dives,making some completely keeps off human influenced areas.

Water bucks are long haired,with shaggy brown –gray coat that emits a smelly,greasy secretion that is thought to be for waterproofing.the predators use these smell to spot them.the males are larger than the females.they have large rounded ears with white patches above eyes,around the nose,mouth and on the is only the males that have horns which are heavily ridged,extending back from head and sweeping foward.the waterbucks inhabit areas that are close to water for sustenance and also to hide from predators. its generally a quiet animal and in a way it holds its territory through the smell that it doesn’t migrate and if so it just moves short distances hence holding territories for years.

Consider the below items

I. Season/time
II. Type of trip
III. Events and activities
IV. Budget
V. Time
VI. Exchange rate
VII. Type of trip
VIII. Cultural consideration
IX. vaccination

The elephant is the largest land has long trunks that it use to breathe,pick up things,drink,smell and make has large floppy ears that help in radiating out of heat hence act as a cooling has two tusks that is one on the right and the other on the left which it uses to pull bark from trees and dig out roots out of ground.the elephants skin is sensitive to sun that’s why it always cover itself with dust or has wide and thick legs.

i. The black rhino has a pointed lip which they use to browse while the white rhino has flat wide lip that they use to graze.
ii. The white rhinos’ head is mostly facing downward making its mouth close to the ground when grazing while the black rhinos’ head faces upward as it browse
iii. The black rhino has shorter forehead,smaller ears and less pronounced hump while the white rhino has larger ears,bigger head,longer forehead,larger neck and more pronounced hump.
iv. The black rhino is shy,short tempered and quite aggressive while the white rhino is less aggressive.
v. The black rhino is solitary while the white rhino is a social animals
vi. The black rhinos tail is shorter while that of a white rhino is longer
vii. Black rhino is found in thick vegetation while the white rhino is found in open areas
viii. Then female black rhino runs infront of its calf to create pathway while the calf of a white rhino runs infront of its mother with mother using its horn to direct it by tapping it on the rear

Mt Kenya is found in the central part of Kenya and lies within mt Kenya national is the highest mountain in Kenya and the second highest in has three peaks which are;
1. Batian (5,199 meters)
2. nelion (5,188 meters)
3.lenana (4,985)
Mt.kenya is a source of rivers that supplies water to the is a main catchment area for river tana and ewaso ng’iro.the main activity that one can carry out in mt.kenya are mountain climbing.

• Dolphin sizes vary from 4-30 fits while whale size vary from 11-115 fit
• The teeth of a dolphin are conical while those of a whale have baleen
• Dolphins are very friendly especially to human unless attacked while whales are not that friendly to human
• The gestation period of a dolphin is 11-17 months while that of a dolphin is 10-13 months
• Dolphins can live in both salty and fresh waters while whales only live in fresh water
Dolphins and whales are both mammals that breath by use of lungs and can be easily be identified by their dorsal fin shapes.they have fins that help them in propelling through the water
They both give birth to young ones that they nurse for some time.they can both remain motionless in water and then come back to the surface for air.they both hunt for food.they also have a certain way of communicating by producing sounds that they all understand

The ostrich is the fastest ,flightless can sprint at over 70km/hr covering upto 5m in a single stride it has got strong,long and powerful legs which it uses to attack its enemies by kicking is the only bird that has two toes on each is diurnal and active in the morning and evening during the day.unlike other birds the ostrich secrete urine separately from its feaces.the females are light brown in colour whereas the males have bold black and white colouring that they use to attract the females. To get the females attention,the male bows and flaps their wings outward to display their plumage. When the males areready to mate their beak and shins turn bright red, at times the neck changes to a red colour too. The females colour change to a silvery colour on the wings.
The egg of an ostrich is the largest of all birds. The male and female sits on the eggs. The male during the night and the female during the day. They also share the responsibility of taking care of their young ones. They are omnivorous meaning they feed on both vegetation and meat. They can survive without water for several days relying on moisture from the plants it eat. They have no teeth and so they swallow pebbles that help in digestion.