Ngare ndare forest is an indigenous forest at the foot mouth of mouth Kenya that links lewa wildlife conservancy to Mount Kenya. The forest acts as a home to animals such as buffaloes, elephants, monkeys, birds. This is the only indigenous forest in Kenya with an expanding canopy cover. The canopy walk is about 80fits high aerial bridge made of wire mesh and cables meandering through the indigenous trees and extending 450meters long.
The canopy ends at a wooden platform that is about 30fits high where you can relax and enjoy a view of the river from this elevated point. Ngare ndare river originates from a spring in the forest and it creates pools and waterfalls of different size. This water is of great use to the wildlife and the surrounding community. Swimming and diving in the pools is allowed.
Campsites are available in the forest and trained rangers and watchmen are provided for security purposes. Ngare ndare forest is a tourist destination with fun activities to carry out. The activities are swimming, hiking, biking, camping, wildlife viewing, bird watching and walking.

It is found in south west of lake naivasha in great rift valley. It is protected by Kenya wildlife service. It provides the great scenic views across the beautiful rift valley all the way to lake naivasha. There is a walking trail that can take 4-5 hours allowing necessary rest breaks. Some part of the trail is very steep. A thick forest lies within the floor of the crater which is also a home to various species of wildlife. A number of activities can be carried out in the park such as hiking, rock climbing, biking, birding and wildlife viewing. Mount longonot national park is found in the central Kenya circuit.

• Jomo Kenyatta international airport
It is located in Nairobi county and itr is among the busiest airports in Africa
It is the largest airport in Kenya
It has four terminals whereby three are for international use and one for domestic
• Moi international airport
It is based in Mombasa county
It has three terminals
• Kisumu international airport
It is in kisumu county
It has two terminals and a 3.3km run way
• Eldoret international airport
It is in eldoret
It is mostly used for tourism and transportation of export products

Marine parks protects the rich aquatic life in the waters. The various marine parks in Kenya include;
I. Watamu marine national park
II. Mombasa marine national park
III. Kiunga marine national reserve
IV. Kisite mpunguti marine national park and reserve
V. Malindi marine national park.

Tourism circuits group attractions and destinations that are in the same region. The different circuits in Kenya are ;
 Central Kenya circuit this is the region around and in mount Kenya
 Western circuit this is the region in the western Part of Kenya some of the destinations are kakamega forest, crying stone
 South rift circuit this is the region in the great rift valley. We have destinations such as hells gate national park, lake nakuru national park, maasai mara
 Coastline circuit this region is made up of beaches, marine parks and also quite rich in historical information
 Nairobi circuit this is majorly based within the city. We have Nairobi national park, giraffe centre, Nairobi museum among many others
 North rift region this is a region that is quite remote. The sites include marsabit national park, lake bogoria , turkana
 Eastern circuit we have destinations such as meru national park, shaba national reserve
 Southern circuit this region is close to coast circuit. We have tsavo national parks(tsavo west and tsavo east).

Nairobi national parkn is one of the smallest parks in Kenya covering an area of 117 square kilometers. It is located 7km south of Nairobi centre. It is the oldest park in Kenya yet the only park within a city. This park has no elephants but one can see the other four big animals which are lion,leopard, buffalo and rhino. The park has a rhinocerous sanctuary that is known to be a home of black rhino. The park offers picnic sites, campsites, walking trail and wildlife.the climate in the area changes seasonally whereby in the months of march to june the weather is hot and wet ,july to march the weathe is hot and dry.

1. Cheetahs are diurnal, they hunt during the day while tigers are nocturnal, they hunt at night since they see well in dark.
2. Cheetahs are social animals while tigers are solitary hunters.
3. Cheetahs have single, large, round black spots on the body while tigers have black stripes allover the body on orange or white background

A tour guide is an individual or a person that provides required assistance and information to tourists on organized tours to places like museums ,parks, historical sites and at venues of other significant interest.
A tour guide plays roles such as ;
i. Organizes the means of transport to be used by the clients.
ii. Searches for an area that can be of great interest to the tourist
iii. Communicate with the clients about the trip details such as time, transport, accommodation.
iv. Arrange the necessary permit or letters of communication to the area of destination before the day of visit.
v. Provide useful information about the destinations in a specialized way to clients satisfaction
vi. Consider the clients places of interest.
vii. Ensure convenience and safety of the clients.
viii. Make sure the tourists follow the schedule that has been prepared to avoid inconvenience
ix. Communicate with the appropriate destination officials such as the police, medical officials, tour destination officials
x. Ensure your clients are sent back home safely.

Weaver birds are divided into three categories; sparrow weavers, typical weavers and buffalo weavers. Male birds are generally known to be brightly colored. Weaver birds are the only birds that have the ability to tie knots as they make their nests. The entrance of their nests mostly faces downwards and is narrow to prevent predators from attacking them. They make nests that protect the birds from cold, heat and predators. The materials that they use to make their nests are fine leaf fibers, grass and twigs. The nests vary in size, shape and materials used depending with the type of bird. Weavers have blunt conical bills that help them feed on seeds, fruits supplemented with insects, spiders and snails.

Lion is a social animal that lives in groups called prides. Male lions guard territories and the cubs by roaring,chasing off intruders and also by use of urine.the males have manes that protect their necks as they fight with the challengers.
Female lions are the hunters of the group. In case an enemy attacks them, they use teamwork to bring it down by forming a semicircle with the smaller and weaker lioness herding the prey towards the center. The stronger female knocks the animal down and kills it.
Lions hunt at night and share the meals starting with the adult males followed by lioness and then the cubs. When a group of males take over a pride, they kill all the cubs so they can give birth their own cubs with the lioness.