Best Recommended Dressing code while on Safari.

Safari is a trip that is mostly based on hiking and sightseeing of wild animals and therefore a number of activities can be planned for depending on the interests of the client. Its advisable for a client to adhere to local customs and be respectful to the dressing code of the residents by not exposing the sensitive body parts such as thighs and breasts and also avoid attracting unnecessary attention.
Dark colours of the dressing attire are quite favorable since they blend in with the bush and also they don’t show dirt and dust that one is exposed to. While on a game drive the following attires might be required;
 safari jacket, jumper or warm jacket for morning and evening game drives since the weather might be chilly.
 A comfortable shoe to avoid blisters
 A wide hat to shade one from sun and should preferably should have strings to tie in chin to avoid being blown off.
 If planning to walk, a good walking boot may be of help since the terrain might be rocky and uneven.
 Sunglasses incase the sun gets too powerful.
 Loose and comfortable t-shirts and shorts in the course of the day.
During wet season, a light waterproof raincoat suits best. Mosquitoes might be a threat in the evening hence men are advised to put on long trousers and long sleeved shirts while women can put on long trousers or maxi dresses and legging. Some lodges have swimming pools and so a swimming costume or a bathing suit, and light sandals may be of use.
Favorable dressing code in a way contributes to one enjoying all the activities planned for in the safari.

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