All about Leopards of Maasai Mara Reserve.

There is an area located in Maasai mara well named as Leopard Gorge. Nearby the Gorge there is watercourse that attracts profusion of impalas, gazelles and warthogs. There exist rocky outcrops and caves that offer cover for leopard resting with their young ones (Wato, Wahungu & Okello, 2006). There is a fig tree that do surrounds the gorge and offer a good view of the terrain and provide place of stash for kills from the scavenging hyenas and offer protection from the prowling lions.
They weight an average of 59 kilograms hence leopard being marked as the smallest among the big cats within the genus panther (inclusive of tigers, jaguars and lions). Leopards are able to utilize the entire terrain of Maasai mara for their advantages. Leopards at Mar are good swimmers, excellent climbers and hunt the widest list of prey among many of Mara main predators. Leopard main diet includes insects, reptiles, fish and the grazing animals. They enjoy scavenging a meal especially the hunt one (Goldman, Roque De Pinho & Perry, 2010).
After doing the hunt, they do the activity with stealth. Leopard at mara are known for camouflaged gutting creeping to almost few meters and use its powerful jaw muscle. Leopards tend to be stealthy in other manners. Leopards are elusive and solitary creatures and despite being widespread among the big cats it is hard to find and film a leopard. Leopard in Maasai mara tends to spend most part of their days hiding in cave and in trees. They usually make large part of their hunting at night (Wato, Wahungu & Okello, 2006).
Lions in Maasai mara could be the reason why it is hard to find leopards. Lions have been known as predators that hunt and kill leopards. As well, hyenas are other threat and in most cases will kill before the leopards get the chances of stashing the hyena away. Despite this, Leopards has their own unique tricks where stealth is the core one. Leopard hunt, feed and kill quietly and quickly to ensure that it does not draw attention on their presence. Leopard spots and rosettes may be square or round shaped an aspect that makes them utilize their camouflage. As well, leopards are strong due to their size with their short, long, muscular bodies and powerful legs. Males are bigger that the females and kills the small giraffes and drag carcasses toward the trees. Adaptability aspect is the key for their survival in Maasai mara (Gakuya, et al 2011).

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